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Voting Locations: Find your polling place here: 

Will County, IL Elections (

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Spanish Community Center

309 N Eastern Ave

Joliet, IL

(815) 727-3683

Will County Clerk's Office

302 N. Chicago Street

Joliet, IL 604032

(815) 740-4615

Joliet Public Library

Black Rd Branch

3395 Black Rd

Joliet, IL

(815) 740-2660

Village of Plainfield

24401 W. Lockport St. 

Plainfield, IL

(815) 436-7093

You Can Also Register to Vote Through the Government Website At:


"Cities are built on the foundation of wisdom, proper judgment and understanding."

-GWM ​

"Cities will grow and thrive when the leaders understand the needs of it's communities, use wisdom to successfully address those needs, and exercise proper judgment in order to produce favorable outcomes." -GWM

"Where there is knowledge, and the proper application of that knowledge, the whole city is furnished, flourishes, thrives and grows.​" -GWM

Bridging The Gap Between Government And Its People

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