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is a life-long resident of the city of Joliet, and a proven influential leader in the community and surrounding region.

She has served the community through ministry for over 30 years, and is currently serving as Associate Pastor of Antioch Christian Assembly Church in Joliet.



  • Lead with integrity, trust, transparency and attentiveness.

  • Advocate for the safety and security of our citizens, schools and neighborhoods

  • Focus on the development of the city’s infrastructure in the areas of health, education, housing development, and economic planning and development.

  • I will give attention to the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the underdeveloped areas of the city providing a framework for continued city growth and advancement.

  • Advocate to promote affordable housing and the sustainability of small businesses as a means for continued growth and city migration.

  • Work to formulate a united front by forging an alliance with the community; bridging the gap between its leaders and city officials.

  • I will seek to know and understand the heartbeat of the city by becoming informed of pressing issues and addressing the stereotypes that divide our communities.

As a strong voice of the people, by the people,

and for the people, I retain the ability to assess all sides of the issues, achieving sustainable outcomes with honesty and accountability.

I ask for your vote to:

Elect Dr. Glenda Wright-McCullum!

The Wright Choice for Joliet City Council District 2

Bridging the gap (2).jpg

Dr. Glenda Wright-McCullum

As Your Representative in District 2, I will:

"The core of every city is it’s inhabitants"


"A city is made strong or weak by the people who lead and live in it"


"When people are of one mind, they can accomplish any endeavor"


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