Demonstrating a notable passion for people, my concerns and support extend far beyond my immediate sphere and into the surrounding communities.

I hold true to the traditional, conservative values of marriage and family, the support of biblical identification of male and female, as well as the preservation of life from the womb.

I will fight for programs that will benefit academically at-risk students, a reduction in Will County's property taxes, quality affordable housing, safe and secure schools, sustainable living wages & employment opportunities, as well as an increase in public safety measures in response to the "No Bail" law.

As a strong voice of the people, by the people,

and for the people, I retain the ability to assess

all sides of the issues, achieving sustainable

outcomes with honesty and accountability.

I ask for your vote to:

Elect Dr. Glenda Wright-McCullum!

The Wright Choice for Will County Board District 7


"The core of every city is it’s inhabitants"


"A city is made strong or weak by the people who lead and live in it"


"When people are of one mind, they can accomplish any endeavor"